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Introducing ECAP

Every Child A Priority

A New Standard in Placement Stability

  • Reduces placement disruptions
  • Decreases time to permanency
  • Cost savings for foster care agencies
  • Results validated by researchers from the KU School of Social Welfare

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What people are saying about ECAP

ECAP is a program with proven positive outcomes for youth being placed at the right place and for the right amount of time.

Amy Horgan System of Care Coordinator CoastalCare September 29, 2015

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About ECAP

ECAP is a revolutionary matching system that improves outcomes for foster children and families. ECAP has been shown to increase placement stability, decrease time to permanency, and reduce costs for agencies. ECAP integrates easily with other software systems to eliminate the need for double data entry.

  • What is ECAP?

    • ECAP is a web-based decision support tool that assists child welfare staff with making the best possible placement decisions for children in foster care.
    • ECAP’s placement recommendations are generated by algorithms that are based on statistical analyses of key child characteristics and how those characteristics have related to past placement successes/failures.
    • Each placement is made “smarter” because ECAP instantly applies a vast amount of historical placement outcome data to every non-relative foster placement.
  • How does ECAP work?

    • Case workers enter a child’s information.
    • ECAP weighs the child’s information and assigns him or her to a Level of Care.
    • ECAP’s algorithms create a ranked list of placement options.
    • The child’s placement is implemented based on foster family availability and compatibility.
  • ECAP Results

    • Researchers from the School of Social Welfare at the University of Kansas engaged in an 18-month study of ECAP to determine its impact.
    • Placements made according to ECAP’s recommendations were 1.5 to 1.8 times more stable.
    • Children placed with ECAP spent an average of 53 fewer days in care.

Foster Care Technologies, LLC was formed in 2014 to maintain and customize ECAP for its foster care agency customers.  The company uses cutting edge technologies to improve outcomes for children and organizations in the child welfare industry. Foster Care Technologies is committed to ongoing research, continually expanding our understanding of foster care placement stability.

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