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Every Child Deserves their Best Matching Home

Leverage ECAP’s precision tools, backed by rigorous research, to swiftly connect children with the ideal family. Ensure every child feels valued and prioritized in the placement process.

Foster Care Matching

  • Witness marked advancements in placement stability and long-term permanency.
  • Engage in a placement method deeply rooted in data-driven research.
  • Benefit from consistent enhancements, ensuring your placement process is always at its best.
  • Prioritize optimal family matches with our scientifically-backed placement algorithms.
  • Efficiently record and monitor interactions with all prospective placement providers.
  • Simplify the process of finding placements for children with specific needs.
  • Instantly relay placement details straight to matching parents via their mobile devices*.

The Science Powering ECAP

The University of Kansas’s School of Social Welfare delved deep into the effectiveness of ECAP, providing concrete data to back our commitment to better outcomes for children and families.

Key Findings from the Study:

  • Increased Stability: Children placed through ECAP witnessed 22.5% better stability, with significantly fewer disruptions.
  • Swift Permanency: With ECAP’s assistance, children were able to reunite with their families or join their new “forever families” 12% faster.

Further enhancing ECAP’s efficacy, the researchers meticulously analyzed over 22,000 past placement records. This allowed them to discern specific characteristics influencing placement stability and refine ECAP’s algorithms accordingly.

FCT’s commitment isn’t just historical; it’s ongoing. We’re continuously investing in research to deepen our understanding of placement matching. We’re dedicated to advancing our use of predictive analytics. Our goal? To mitigate trauma for children and families nationwide via ECAP.

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