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Annie E Casey Foundation - A movement to transform foster parenting

The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s recent report, “A Movement to Transform Foster Parenting,” identifies the importance of foster parents in the lives of children. The qualities of foster families, and the supports those families receive, make a big difference in the lives of children who are already experiencing trauma and grief. Agencies across the country, both public and private, are asking: How can we attract, support, and retain foster parents better? This report provides answers and argues that, by engaging foster parents more effectively, agencies can improve child welfare outcomes.nnnOne way to attract and retain good foster parents is by investing in new technologies that improve the fostering process. The report identifies ECAP as a technology solution that improves outcomes by finding the best placement for each child. ECAP’s workflows improve efficiencies; the research-backed algorithms identify which families are most likely to provide a stable placement for each child.

Most people working in child welfare are familiar with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a philanthropy organization dedicated to helping children and families across the country. The foundation has been at the forefront of many advancements in child welfare, and we are honored to be included in this report about improving foster parenting. To read the entire Annie E. Casey report, click here.

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